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Part 1 - The Psychology of Networking


Trust, rapport and relationships are intrinsically linked and what many networkers fail to realise is that a relationship underpins most business transactions. The key to building good relationships is to have a thorough understanding of the motivations and needs people have, common networking behaviours they exhibit and how to make others feel comfortable around you.

Through the Psychology of Networking you will gain insight into human behaviour in the networking realm and hone your people skills so you can become the Ultimate Networker.

What is covered in the Psychology of Networking:

  • Why and how people network
  • What Motivates people to move and how to apply it to your networking
  • The productive and non-productive behaviours people exhibit
  • The unconscious signals you give that can bring people to you or drive them away
  • The 8 networking personality types you are likely to meet at events and how to work with them
  • How to identify who you want to work with and even more importantly who you don’t!

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